The app is available to download from Itunes. Click Here
The app is free to download for the Itunes store.
Go to settings and click "Find new Artist" click the + sign in the top right hand corner and a list of all Artists and promoters will appear. Simply click on any of them and it will bring you to their profile and you can follow them from their profile page or by tapping the "Add" button.
If the artist has not claimed their profile yet we cannot allow inbound messages to be sent to them. Another reason is because the Artist has disabled this feature from their account.
Muddy requires either a wifi connection or cellular service in order to work properly.
Yes, you can share events by clicking on the "Share" button on every event found
Click on "Settings" then go to "App settings" and click on the "Logout" button.
If you have purchased a new phone on the same operating system (iOS), you will be able to visit the app store and download Muddy again.
Here at Muddy we love feedback, we think it is the best way to make our app and service better whether it is critical and helpful or happy and positive. Email
We currently have not got a live Android version but this is currently in the pipeline. If you would like to be notified of the Android release please send us an email.